Tuesday, September 27, 2011

adding colour

Thanks for the useful comments about my wall hanging.  It does help to "discuss" a piece if only to reinforce previously held thoughts. 

I have decided to go with my original idea and add some colour.  As I look out my kitchen window I see a lot of tree tops and the various branches, leaves, flowers and of course birds.

Although at first glance the eucalyptus
trees seem quite dull, in fact there is a lot of colour and texture within.  You just have to look for it.

Anyway I now have a clear picture in my mind of what this piece will be.  I want it to be something that reveals itself slowly.  I want it to be peaceful and calming.  Meditative.


Anonymous said...

its certainly working for me. I love what you have added

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I amenjoying your progression here, light and ethereal. xox Corrine

Linda said...

I love the wispy look this evokes Dian. I certainly like the addition of colour, and can see a calming flow to it. It's nice to not rush certain projects. Hope the weather is okay with you. Very windy here, not a lot of rain, and expecting a burst of cold air again. Cheers.