Friday, February 15, 2013

Fabric finds

Over the past few weeks I have been picking up some lovely pieces at the local op shops.

These doileys are old and a bit worn but they look great. 
 The embroidery is very sweet and the edging is beautiful.

 This pretty supper cloth offers Greetings from Australia and lovely floral design.
 The linen in this large cloth is in good condition, the design is simple but striking.  

 I couldn't resist this piece of beaded emerald green satin.
And this pretty floral poly fabric would make a lovely summer blouse.

I am amazed at how much linen and fabric there is out there in the op shops at present.


katherine said...

Lots of gorgeousness here dian

Suztats said...

ooh, nice finds! I'm off to the second hand shop this morning!

margaret said...

some good buys you have here, hope they will inspire you to do something similar, will wait to see what you create