Monday, December 9, 2013

Thoughts of summer

 The weather here continues to confound us: hot one day - cold and raining the next.  I cannot believe we have had several days at the beach in past weeks and now we have the central heating on again.

At least when it is cold outside there is an opportunity to sew.  I have so much planned. 

Today I made 2 little skirts for each of the 2 little girls next door. 
At more than 3 years old now they are growing fast and always need new clothes so I thought some  summer outfits would make ideal Christmas gifts for them.   They love to be outside and especially at the beach and these little elastic wasted cotton skirts will be easy to wash and should wear well.

I was planning to make little tops but I think I will just buy plain T shirts and add an applique or some embroidery to match the skirts.

So you see even though the weather is wintry at present I am optimistic about the impending summer.


Corrine at said...

So adorable. I bet the twinees will look so cute in these. Making some for yourself too? xox

margaret said...

I am sure the girls will be delighted and a tee shirt with some applique sounds just right