Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time to stitch

 It has been a very busy few months: we are working hard renovating our house ready for sale, busy with family and friends and lots of medical appointments and tests.

Well the health issues are sorted, the house is coming on well and other responsibilities are settling down too.

I have found it difficult to make time to create and even harder to blog but here I am.

You can see I have been doing some free machine stitching using scraps of fabric and  threads between two sheets of water soluble film.  I added some lace as well and then rinsed it leaving it a little sticky.

I wanted to make a candle holder (for led candle) so I wrapped it around a bottle and left it overnight to dry.

I am quite pleased with the results so far.


Radka said...

That looks great, Dian!
I understand all about the house business, I hope all is going well.
It is now nearly 7 months since our house move and still lots going on and it will take some time before we have it the way we like like it.

Gina E. said...

How lovely to see you back here! I was getting a bit concerned, and was thinking of giving you a call, but here you are :-)
Ken was talking yesterday about going down to Mornington to do some fishing and I said "Oh that's great - you can drop me off in the town centre and I'll meet up with a blog friend to go opshopping". Raised eyebrows was the response...
Love your candlestick cover - what a lovely idea for a gift!

Corrine at said...

Great idea Dianne. Those little LED candles shed quite a bit of light and this will surely look pretty. Good luck renovating, it's hard work. xox

margaret said...

good to see you back at your blog Dian and how creative is this latest piece. Love it. Good also to hear healt problems all sorted, best of luck with house move, are you staying local or moving away?