Sunday, November 8, 2015

Settling into a new garden

Every day in a new garden is an adventure.  We discover new and exciting things everyday.  I don't know what this flower is called but it looks almost like it is painted.

There are several roses dotted throughout the garden.  They are not roses I would have chosen but they suit this space and I am thrilled with them.
We are waiting for our fruit to ripen and I think the birds are waiting for them too.  We have apples, apricots and cherries.  Our lemon tree has finished fruiting but has lots of new fruit on it.   The idea of having a productive garden is also new to us.  We have added a vegetable garden and a little plot of herbs.

Speaking of birds - I discovered this nest today when I was pruning.  Mother bird is sitting on the eggs so I was careful not to disturb her.  There are several nests in our garden and the birds here are different from the birds in our previous garden. 

Sometimes we even manage some time to sit and relax.  This palm makes it feel like a resort in our own back garden.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have all that abundance in the bak yard. Yum. Xox