Monday, March 29, 2010

March - perserverence.

I have been playing around with painting lace and trying to make it look worthwhile.
The first step - using mistyfuse to bond the lace to the background. At this stage I added foil so that the parts of the mistyfuse not in contact with the lace would pick up the silver foil.
then the painting with lumiere. I tried to keep to the silvery theme but in the end it was just too much so I had to do something to change it.
Some lilac tulle and some organza ribbon was in the stash so I machine stitched and fused until it looked ok. Then I took to it with the heat gun and the soldering iron. Still not pleased I set it aside to see if it spoke to me. Eventually I settled on a few beads and stitches. cut away more of the ribbon to expose the lace.
Just lined it and turned it into a note book cover.

Perserverence pays.

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