Sunday, August 19, 2012

Handkerchiefts and collage

 I am still working on the 40 day creativity experiment.  We are up to day 26 but I must admit I haven't worked on it every day.  It is a great fun project.

A recent trip to the Salvos resulted in some additions to my collection of linens and handkerchiefs.

These doileys were too good to resist.  Some lovely hand stitching and handworked edges.

The handkerchiefs are really pretty: again some lovely hand stitchcing and lace edges.

This pretty rose and the the tropical bird caught my eye.

Tiny flowers feature on many of the hankies.  I can imagine someone sitting by the fire quietly stitching these beautiful little pieces.

I find so few people use hankies these days but they are so much nicer than tissues.

 They are also great for use in textile projects.  How would you use them?


Gina E. said...

Very nice indeed! I didn't realise you collected handkies; I have quite a few embroidered handkies that I've picked up in my travels simply because they were hand embroidered. Next time we meet, I'll bring them along to show you. We might be able to do a little exchange?

Linda said...

Lovely treasures yet again Dian!! I too love hankies, rather than tissues [never buy them]. Your collage is really looking beautiful, and to think you are 'not thinking'.......LOL... Sorry I've been 'absent', will catch up soon.

Katherine said...

more beautiful things. i have seen doilies etc used in quilt blocks etc over the years and also as cushions and other smaller things like bag panels etc. i dont think i would use them like that though as i just love to use them as they were intended. although something that jenny of elefants did with doilies and glass beads would be handy for a few more jug covers

Shane Pollard said...

Hi Dian
I love your hankies and I would use them in fabric collages, cards, wallhangings and the like!

On a trip to the hospice shop some time ago I had my eye on some retty ones, but I thought I'll have a look around and come back to those....
Bad decision cos I was pipped at the post - someone else had appreciated their value too!! I have wondered at what she did with them!
...and I'll lookforward to seeing what you do!~