Tuesday, August 14, 2012

winter days

 I am making great progress with my little knot garden.  It is slow going because I am using single strands of silk thread but it looks so fine that it is worth the extra effort.

 This morning we woke up to a thick fog surrounding our house.

I love the spooky shapes of the trees and the duck in the tree looked so strange.

The view (or lack of it) up the driveway was even more obscured.  Once the fog cleared though we had a gorgeous sunny day.  Cold but sunny.


Katherine said...

Your knot garden looks great and it is worth doing it one strand at a time too. The fog photos look great too. We travelled through fog yesterday morning until Elmore when it suddenly finished and then lovely sunny weather all the way to Sunbury for our appointment. Looking forward to a cold damp day tomorrow to keep me nice and warm inside and stitching lol

Radka said...

I like your little knot garden, it is going to be gorgeous! Lovely project.

Anonymous said...

Oh you got so much done and I know how long it takes. Lovely...xox