Thursday, March 28, 2013

Op shopping

Today I visited a couple of our local op shops and was thrilled to find these gorgeous doilies that need to be finished off.  

I often wonder about who started the pieces that are in the op shops.  So many unfinished projects.

These pieces will be offered for sale on ebay and will be finished off and appreciated by someone else.

The question of buying from charity shops and selling on is one that troubles some people.  For me, the selling on provides me with a little cash to indulge my creative habit.
Many of the people who buy this kind of item live in remote areas and are happy to have the opportunity to buy on line and complete the stitching.

I do not buy clothes or shoes or bed linen to sell on.  These are the kind of items that people on limited income should be able to buy from the op shops at reasonable prices.

Apart from buying to sell on, I also buy birthday and Christmas presents for family and friends and of course clothing for myself.  I would rather buy secondhand goods whenever possible - it is kind to the budget and kind to  the planet and of course it provides income for the charities. Win Win Win


Gina E. said...

I bought most of my unfinished doilies and cloths on eBay over the past 10 years Dian, and I didn't care where the seller got them from! Some were from their own families, others from deceased estate auctions or garage sales. And yes, they could have been picked up at opshops too. I was just grateful to eBay for giving me the opportunity to buy all these linens that I never would have found in a millions years otherwise.

margaret said...

you have some pretty doilies here, there is nothing wrong with finishing them and selling them on, I would find it hard to part with them.