Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Perfect beach weather

Today the weather was reminiscent of summer: in fact the last few days have been perfect.

This morning I had some time with the twinnies so we went to the beach.  Canadian Bay is just 5 minutes away by car and is a very shallow and quiet beach.  Perfect for small children.  When we arrived there was one person and a dog on the whole beach.  

 Taking the twins to be beach is a bit of an effort but once we are there it is just so much fun. 

 With the temperature about 30 degrees at 6 pm we went back to the beach when the twin's daddy returned from work.  Mummy was out with big sister at swimming lessons so we took the little girls for another swim before the rain arrived.

The rain has started and I think today might have been the last good beach day for a while.

 Meantime, while we were having fun the weather proved ideal for bush fires and so there are various areas under threat at present.  I do hope the cool change means some relief for those facing these fires.  It has been a long summer and there is so much fuel on the ground that grass and bush fires take hold quickly and with strong winds they are impossible to control.

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