Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day and painting

Today is Anzac day: a time to reflect on war and its those who serve.

Lest We Forget 
 I haven't had time for crafting for a few days but today my hubby and I painted our front door and put on a new handle.  

The lock is yet to be attached but it will look fantastic I am sure.

We continue to discuss the red steps although I have to admit I love them.

I think a splash of colour is just the thing when the rest of the colour scheme is very neat and clean.  

Isn't it wonderful to be able to alter the appearance of a house by changing the colours.    


Gina E. said...

It is indeed! Our house is nearly 40 years old and doesn't look much different from the day it was built - all 70's Mission Brown exposed beams, internal brick wall, cedar panel wall, and wall paper in the bedrooms and bathrooms...We are still happy with that look, but it's getting very 'tired', so when we get some money, we'll do some renovating.

Corrine at said...

As I was reading and before you said it I was thinking how sharp the red steps looked....Bravo for bold. xox

Ally Nunn said...

the door looks better like that, it fits in with the house know, better than the wood did. Know it looks more modern.Good job granny