Monday, April 1, 2013

encrusting a box top

 At last I have found time to do something crafty.

 I have several little boxes just waiting for some attention.

Two coats of cream acrylic paint gives the cardboard box a bit more strength and a neutral base.

The stash has revealed lots of options and the colour scheme is decided by an old doiley that was  dyed a couple of years ago. 

It is the colour of smoked salmon and there are lots of other embellishments to choose from.

The doiley is glued to the top of the box and over the sides.

On top is I have added some lace and bling - a little at a time.

A search through the button and bead boxes has revealed some great options. 

I do love embellishing box tops.  There will be more pics tomorrow.


Corrine at said...

O love your boxes, this one has lovely colors and I can't wait to see it finished. xox

margaret said...

very creative Dian and such a good idea to paint them first both for the colour and the added strength, good to see you blogging more often now, missed your blogs when you had a spell away.