Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have been sorting through my photos on the computer and it is great to recall the fun times.

During the recent school holidays my daughter Bec called in to pick me up and we set off to Sorrento for a picnic with  Ally, Michael and Matty.   Check out a bit more about Sorrento here.

The weather was a bit cool so the young ones decided to picnic in the back of their car.  We were near the ferry terminal and could see people setting off to Queenscliffe some on foot and others taking their car.  Matty enjoyed a run along the sand and in the shallows too.
It was a lovely relaxing day: we are lucky in having great roads which means the trip from my home was about 1 hour.   Bec had to drive for about 45 minutes to pick me up so I did the driving to Sorrento and back.

It is such a treat to spend some time with family.

Don't forget to check  Ally's blog She has some great photos on there.  


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Corrine at said...

Always fun to hang out with the family and enjoy a trip to the beach....those will be even chillier trips for you soon. xox