Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sketch box

Well this is a productive week so far.  I have managed to paint more window frames and clear out our storage area.  Having off site storage is very handy but you keep so much junk!

Anyway tonight I have spent some more time on the box that I started a few weeks ago.

It is done now. 

I think.  

I hope. 

This will be great to hold a small sketch book and pencils.

I have another box on its way already so that will be tomorrow night's project.

In the meantime two of my grandkids are blogging.
Matthew here 
and Ally here

1 comment:

Judy McCarthy said...

Good on you clearing out.
I have vowed to have no more JUNK. I just made $350.00 getting rid of some more.
I have narrowed my interests somewhat, and that's been good.My husband isn't a hoarder, so that's good.It has just been me that has to reform.hehe