Thursday, August 8, 2013

Power Tools and Camellias

 Today I put aside my crafts and attended to some tasks around the house and garden.

The weather was fine and sunny but quite cold.  It probably didn't make it above 13 degrees here.

I spent some time washing more of the verandah floor boards with the high pressure cleaner.  This is a really slow task as there are lots of boards and they are to be painted so have to be thoroughly cleaned.

Once that was done I popped out to buy a few more plants; some camellias and a beautiful daphne for the front garden.

While I was out I went and bought a new cordless drill.  Our house is quite high up in places and electrical cables can be a bit of a challenge so I have accumulated a few battery operated tools.  This drill will be very useful although I find it a bit heavy so will be used in short bursts I think.  

As with any activity it is so much easier and safer to have the right equipment.  

The cold wet weather is set to return tomorrow so I hope there will be time for stitching.

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