Wednesday, November 6, 2013

After the art show

Last weekend we had our Spring Show at the Peninsula Art Society: it is an annual event where our fine artists display their works for judging and sale.  The Text iles Group is allowed a small corner to show and sell some of our works too.

The show was a great success with lots of paintings sold and a high standard in a variety of techniques.  5 ladies from the Textiles Group offered some of our creations for sale and many people stopped by to see what it is we do on Friday afternoons and to chat to us as well as buy some items to give as gifts.

Anyway I am really tired after 4 days of activity so I will just show some pics of my garden (which is looking fabulous).



margaret said...

good to read the event went well and yes your garden must be beautiful with all the flowers and different colours. I still have a few roses out but everything is dying back and leaves falling

Radka said...

Lovely pictures from your garden, Dian, I am sure it is nice place to relax :-)