Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking for Inspiration

I am going through one of those creative slumps at present: rthe bronchitis has almost gone which is just as well as I am booked in for an arthroscope on Friday.

 I am sure the endless coughing and of course difficulty breathing results in a different mindset.

Survival mode kicks in and there is no energy for anything else.
 I have spend some time this evening photographing some of our garden and the improvements we have made to the house over the past year or so.

The birds were starting to settle for the night and it is interesting to watch them vying for the best position.

It is quite noisy and busy and then it all goes quiet when the sun has gone.

Yesterday I bought these two little cabinets  to keep my current craft projects in.  This little space between the kitchen and lounge has been a bit bare lately and I think this is a great solution.  I could have bought one large cabinet but I like the fact that I can move these around whenever I want.  By next week I think there will be Christmas decorations on them.


Corrine at said...

Glad the coughing is almost gone. I got bronchitis once and thankfully not again. It is a miserable thing. xox

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Dian
Your roses are beautiful - it's such a lovely time of year.
I watch the birds a lot but unless they are in the birdbath I find them difficult to photograph - you did well!

Good luck with the arthroscopy procedure on Friday - hope you are feeling better by then.
Shane X

Judys Fabrications said...

Gosh have been down your road with the arthroscopy.Mine lasted 11 years until the replace't. I took Glucosamine, so that may have made the cartilage last longer, before the knee got too painful, then replace't.
You'll forget the pain pretty soon.They'll have you walking almost as soon as you wake up from op.
Did you know there is a skin specialist who is experimenting with patient's own stem cells for cartilage replacement. procedure still has a few prob's, but it is hopeful you may be able to have this done instead of replacemnet.
All the best Diane.

margaret said...

best of luck with the op, and hope you are soon feeling better. what a very pretty rose. Could do wit some of your cabinets myself, they look just the job.