Friday, October 23, 2015

Looking forward - dodgy knee.

Moving to our new home was,  in part, a result of  the fact that I injured my knee a couple of years ago.  Our Mount Eliza home became unmanageable.

Preparing our home for sale was lots of fun (and some stress).

Having put a deposit on our next home meant that we were under time pressure.  Fortunately we had already decided on an agent to sell our house.  Marc was to become a very important person in our lives for a couple of months.

Whenever we have sold a house I have bought new linen for the bedrooms and bathrooms.  This way I have new linen for the new home.
The people at Adairs Mornington were so helpful and I was very pleased with the result.

I was also doing a little stitching of course but most of my creative energy went into the house.

I did a short course on using Photoshop which was lots of fun and very useful.

It is time to cook so I'll be off now.

Thanks to everyone who visits and comments.

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