Sunday, October 25, 2015

Making a house a home

The one thing our new house lacked was a dedicated workroom for me.  There was a big area at the back of the house which was ideal but it was open to the dining room so it would need to be tidy.

As it was unlikely to be tidy often then we needed a wall and a door.  Over the last few weeks we have had the wall built, the door installed and the lot painted.

Now I have a workroom/office/spare room and I do feel lucky.  There is still a lot to do to make it work but it is gorgeous.

Our new wall.

Room for sewing machines.


 More storage - the shelves are perfect for paints and beads etc. 

there is room for computers and files too.

The sofa turns into a bed and there is room for another sofa. The tv is in the corner.

Now I don't have an excuse for being lazy.

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Corrine at said...

Wow, looks perfect. Nice space. xox