Sunday, February 5, 2012

 I have finished my stitcheries and they are attached to the backing.

This is one of those things that you could just keep working at.  Not finishing things is one of my specialties.

 It has been difficult to decide what to put on this wall hanging.
I wanted it to reflect my life here on the Mornington Peninsula.
 The beach is a major part of what makes this a special place to live and I have added some other items which are not strictly speaking part of my everyday life.
I have included a dog to represent the 4 dogs that live with my 3 daughters.

The fish'n'chip shop and the CFA building are intrinsic to life here for different reasons
the take away meal is a treat, the CFA is essential to our safety and security in a fire prone area.

The church is fashioned after a Greek Orthodox church - one of my daughters and 3 of my grandchildren are christened in the Greek Church.

The next step is to add a few more embellishments and then bind and name and hang.

I am so pleased this part is done.


Elizabethanne said...

Hello Dianne
Your wall hanging looks great. You have done a wonderful job of showing your life where you live. Thanks for sharing your wall hanging with us.
Hugs Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

Doreen G said...

Well done Dian this looks fabulous.

Linda said...

The wallhanging has come together very well Dian, and I really like the pieces with the lace edges. The background fabric is interesting, is it the teabag idea, or something different?? Thanks for sharing such an interesting piece.

Anonymous said...

I like the embroidery and how each place has special meaning to you or the area.

carole brungar said...

It's looking good Dianne! Almost finished! Yay!