Tuesday, February 28, 2012

it never rains - it pours - or leaks

 Today I had nothing planned: except a few errands to run and the supermarket of course.  

We have had quite a lot of rain overnight which has been lovely for the garden and of course it has cooled the house down a bit too.
 I thought it would be a good idea to pick up some paint so we can continue on the outside of the house.  We have painted the front wall (which is the smallest area) and I am keen to do the rest before winter arrives.

 I popped into the shed, which is behind my work room, to check on the type of paint.  The colour is Oyster Linen which I really love but I am always confused by all the options when I arrive in the paint department.

While in the shed I heard a loud dripping sound and as the rain had stopped some hours earlier I thought I should investigate.  I rigged up some lights so I could see under the house and was horrified to see water dripping through the laundry floor.  I rushed up the stairs and turned off the washing machine taps and disconnected the hoses, and then I moved the washing machine.  It has been leaking underneath and the water had seeped under the tiles and through the flooring.  Great.  Fantastic.  So I did have something to do after all.  Hubby was away so I lifted up the tiles, many of which were cracked or broken as it turned out.  The chip board, (MDF) was soaking wet - so now I am waiting for it to dry.  I think it will be ok - it has never been sealed - the tiles were laid directly on the flooring.  I intend to put a drainage grate in the floor and then seal it all before re-tiling the lot.  The walls could do with a lick of paint so it should look lovely and fresh when it is finished.

I did buy the paint too - just in case.

The red and green pics are for inspiration for a colour study I am doing.

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and this one  I could waste a lot of time playing with this one.


Linda said...

So sorry to hear about the leaking dilemma Dian, but I'm sure you'll tackle it and have it all done and up to speed again soon. I love the colour inspirations, they are lovely. I also love the links, and do believe I've visited the first site in the past. Happy painting.

Anonymous said...

Dian hate to say it but be prepared to remove the wet area of MDF. This stuff does not like getting wet but you can easily remove a section and replace it and tile or lino over the top. Just use the depth level on a circular saw.

Karyn said...

What a huge big pain in the butt Dianne, just what you didn't need I am sure.
I hope you manage to get it fixed okay. I am never sure why modern laundrys don't seem to have drains; they always seemed to when i was a kid.
I hate choosing paint; they have so many options in front of you. Although i am very happy with the new colours we have done our house in.