Friday, February 10, 2012

Painted leaves

Our weather has been very changeable lately and we have had lots of strong winds which have delivered heaps of gorgeous gum leaves on the lawn. I really am fascinated by the colours of the leaves. Apart from the green ones we have gold and brown and red. They really are amazing.

Speaking of deliveries;   I have joined the product of the month group here so today I received my second monthly parcel, comprised of some very interesting pencils.  Last month's product included the makings and directions for silk paper.  Although I have made silk paper before I will enjoy using the items in the pack.

This is a great idea if you want some inspiration and to try out new (or new to you) products.  The pencils are going to be very handy to use for my journal. 
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Anonymous said...

New pencils are always fun to use.Hope the journalling goes well.
Thanks for the good wishes re my back.
Finally I will be able to get on top of things as I'll have many more prevention strategies.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in the leaves, they are quite something all from the same tree. Have fun with your pencils. xox Corrine

Linda said...

Just love those leaves. I find myself constantly looking on the ground lately. Actually, you get some amazing dark salmon pinks too at times. I hope your journal class goes well, it should have started by now I think.

My POM package didn't turn up yesterday, but I daresay I'll be getting the pencils too, yippee, always love something new.

Robin Mac said...

The leaves are gorgeous. I have been getting the POM for over a year now, I always find it interesting to see what arrives each month. I am still waiting for mine this month, it will be different from yours, Dale must keep a list of what she sent from the beginning and work through that for each new customer. I had the pencils a long time ago, I use them often. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Cheers.