Wednesday, September 12, 2012

back to basics

After a day of sunshine and time spent outdoors it is raining again now.

We are watching an old episode of Miss Marple and I have been sketching some ideas for a new creation. 
 It is a simple design that I will probably paint onto some evelon and then stitch and embellish.

Well that is the plan at the moment.

I find sketching to be really relaxing and it helps to keep a record of what I am thinking about.
A lot of what I sketch doesn't
make it out of the sketchbook but it is still useful as an exercise.

As spring approaches there is plenty in the garden to be inspired by.


Karyn said...

I have a sketchbook for when I am thinking of ideas; usually for smocked dresses and such. it is good to get ideas down on paper, and is good to go through occasionaly to see what I have been thinking in the past. I also have a book of graph paper that i use for graphing smocking. I date the entries so I can see my timeline of ideas, and which ones I have made and which ones I didn't.
I like your design with the trailing branches and flowers. I think it will be very pretty.

Radka said...

I should try this sometimes, but I am absolutely hopeless in any kind of drawing :-(

margaret said...

like your design here and can already picture it stitched, look foreard to seeing it

Linda said...

Lovely to see your sketching Dian. Sorry I've been slack. Very busy with watering still, as there has been no rain, and me thinks this week's effort will be a fizzer here. Talk soon. Cheers.