Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gardenning, Renovating and Op shopping

 As you can see by the heading of this post, I have been busy but there is not much time for artistic pursuits just now.

After plenty of rain and now some warm weather the garden is looking splendid.

 We are also doing some renovations around the house as we look forward to retiring sometime next year.
The posts that support our stairway are a little in need of attention so we have propped the area up to ensure it is safe and the post which is pictured is now gone. 

I have managed some op shopping and was really taken with this pretty plate, along with quite a lot of other goodies.

With some luck I might pick up a needle and thread in the next day or two.



margaret said...

not sure how I have missed this post but better late than never, the plate is so pretty, still busy collecting but I am seriously thinking or getting rid of some of my bits and must not buy any more Royal Doulton figures, have 43 now.
Good to see activity in and around your garden.

Linda said...

What a pretty plate!! I love those old thatched roof houses. Hope you manage to get those renovations done, looks complicated to me. What a beautiful bloom, such a gorgeous colour.