Monday, January 10, 2011


 The adventure continues: albeit with some drama along the way.  
The next step required slashing the fabric between the lines of stitching.

I bought a special implement made for this task although 
in the past I have just used very sharp scissors.  The idea is

to slash the first 4 layers and leave the base fabric intact.  The special cutter does make this easier but you have to concentrate.  I was going along really well and then disaster struck.  Instead of cutting as described above I cut through the five layers.  I was quite a long way through the process and feeling pretty good about it.

Do the words "pride" and "fall" come to mind?  Well they do for me.

Anyway I have continued on and washed the slashed fabric in the machine with my towels and then dried it 
in the tumble drier.
This separates the layers and fluffs them up a bit.  I will brush them up a bit with a clothes brush to make them more fluffy and then decide what to do about the corner that no longer exists.  I made the gaps between rows quite wide on this piece.  The closer the rows the "neater" the result but I wanted to expose the layers quite a lot.

I do hope all this makes sense to those who are interested in trying this technique. 

My one piece of advice is concentrate.

Oh I just noticed my computer cable under the fabric.  I do not cut on that table or in fact near any cables.  That would be tempting fate.


dosfishes said...

Looks good to me, I like to see the exposed layers. It's an interesting technique. Thanks for sharing your human- ness. xox Corrine

Radka said...

Having fun?

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your chenille. I have seen quilts put together in a similar way ???? The quilt as you go type. Never attempted it myself but love the look and might just have to put it in the wish book. Too many ideas for a list now it would take 1000 pages LOL!

Karyn said...

Oh Dianne, what a shame. Will you have to change what you will do with it? "Pride" and "fall" are two words I know very well!!!

Linda said...

This is very nice Dian. Doesn't it make you mad when you 'lose concentration', ask me how I know......LOL...... I love chenille work and thanks for bringing it to my attention again. There are some lovely ways to use it, and use some fabrics in your stash that you look at and ask yourself 'what was I thinking'......easy to 'hide' them in the layers. Keep at it.

Julie said...

Yes, Pride & Fall are two words I am familiar with...
Still, it looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it.