Saturday, January 15, 2011

Received in the mail.

During 2010 I received some lovely cards  in the mail from other needlewomen/fibre artists.  
The first of these is from Vicki Welsh at Three Creative Studios.  I love the shapes and colours in this.

This postcard was also from Vicki.  The colours don't show up so well in this pic.

The third pic shows a card sent to me by Suzie Quaife,
I decided to frame it so I can enjoy it each day and gain inspiration from it.


Linda said...

These are beautiful Dian. The girls from 3CS make the most professionally finished PC's I have ever seen, and I love Suzie's approach to textile art. I'm waiting on a card myself from Vicki, but alas, no mail here since before Christmas!! Thanks for the bright spot in my day.

Jensters said...

What lovely cards Dianne....dont know the girls from 3CS but there nice....and how wonderful to receive on from Suzie...i love her work.