Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have been thinking of the contradictory actions of our leaders and of my own response to the environment.

First, let me say, I love fireworks: I have fond memories of bonfires and cracker nights when I was a child.  Of course now it is illegal to set off fireworks unless you have a license.  No more backyard bungers.  

On the other hand I have been pondering the cost of the massive displays that are part of New Year celebrations all over the world.  Many countries are suffering the effects of the global financial crisis and yet they can "burn" millions of dollars in a matter of minutes.  

As well as this I wonder about the effect on our environment of all this explosive showing off.  

Am I just a party pooper - perhaps.  I am happy to hear what others have to say.

I have added a pic of some parcels we took to my youngest daughter and her family yesterday.  This year I have used recycled paper (butchers paper) to wrap all of the presents and used pretty ribbons (from my stash) to dress them up.
I know the ribbon will be re-used and it is not too painful to see the cheap paper go in the recycling bin.

Well, that is enough of sounding self righteous.  We are going next door this evening to baby sit the three little girls.
One nearly 5 and the twins are about 3 months.  Their parents are going to have a rare meal alone.  

I hope our friends suffering from various natural disasters are all safe and off too a good new year of creativity.  I cannot imagine what it is like to have your home threatened by wind and cold and water.  Take care everyone.


dosfishes said...

It's good to rant once in a while, I too wonder about the excess in such celebrations and feel like couldn't the money be spent to feed someone, provide heat for someone, then like you too I think party pooper. We live not in a perfect world. So if we just reach out to those close to us, we can make a difference. Thanks for your thoughts! xox Corrine

Karyn said...

I love seeing the fireworks but we did spend the telecast the other night discussing how the money could be better spent (hospitals, roads, education etc etc). So i do agree with you. Couldn't we spend half the money and use the rest on some charity project?

We were at a relative's house in Craigieburn (Vic); and isn't it amazing for something that is illegal; how very prolific they are? we watched at least four lots going off. They looked great but I am glad my dog stayed home; she hates them.

Linda said...

I have to agree with you Dian. I am afraid that where fireworks are concerned, I'm a definite party pooper. I am always aware of how terrified animals are at the noise, not to mention the cost involved. The money would surely be put to good use in other areas. What a grump I sound. I love the way you've packaged your gifts too. I actually thought this Christmas just gone that I'd use brown paper with my own scribblings on it to give as gift wrapping, but felt a tad embarrassed to do so. I think next [this] year, I will just do it, and try to have people realize it's not awful to do these sorts of things.

DIAN said...

Thanks for the comments. Linda I find the little ones don't bat an eyelid about the paper and the adults just kind of humour me.

Once my supply of ribbons runs out I think I will just tear off strips of fabric to tie the parcels.

As for the fireworks - I think the French light the Eifel Tower with special effects.

Julie said...

Dian, my Christmas gift from the girls at the shop was beautifully wrapped in brown paper with a 'torn' Christmas fabric ribbon. I think it shows more thought than just grabbing a roll of cheap printed paper..........