Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sunset on an unbelievable day

We have spent a hot and humid, rainy day here in Melbourne: our discomfort is miniscule compared to that being experienced by the people of Queensland.

It seems almost trivial to be doing needlework during these tough days.

Anyway I will show you what I did last evening.  I framed a pair of fairy slippers I made some time ago.  I added some lace and backed it with some needlefelting and feathers.


Juliettecherry said...

Dianne, what a fabulous sunset, you are so good at photography!

I love your fairy slippers design. It looks very pretty.

Although things are so very difficult for Australia to take in at present, I do think that if you can find some respite with concentrating on your own creativity, that can only be good to help keep your spirits up. So hard when you can't give any practical help.

Suztats said...

Beautiful sunset, and what cute slippers. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Australia. Hoping the rains cease and the floodwaters recede soon.

Jensters said...

They are very beautiful Dianne....we are all thinking of the people in these floods x

Linda said...

Dian, that photograph is spectacular, giving at least some impression of the sun's ferocity. I never tire of such scenes.

The fairy slipper collage you've put together is so beautiful. I love all of the little slippers you've made in the past, and no, I don't feel it should be considered trivial to be speaking of stitching at this time. I have heard that even those who are not directly affected by the natural disasters here may need counselling in order to come to grips with the destruction. Surely, the act of creating is counsel in itself. Happy stitching.