Saturday, April 2, 2011

the garden bites back

Another lovely Autumn day here in Melbourne.  We have made a start on the replanting of the garden.  I planted 10 native shrubs which will do well in this area.  Some westringia, correa, hakea, grevillia and native mint bush.

We needed to remove some overgrown vines before the planting began and as usual I took to the task with enthusiasm:  well there was a bee that did not appreciate my presence there.  I have a very sore arm for my trouble.  It is only two weeks since a very mean bull-ant bit me on the same arm.   This is all part of the adventure.

Oh, I should mention the felt in the pic.  It is a piece I embellished and painted a while ago.  I was so disappointed in the result that I put it in the too hard basket until I came across it today.  To be honest I don't mind it so much now but will have to find a use for it.

Thanks to all those who read and comment on my blog: it is always good to hear from you.

I was grateful for the reminder about the pond, Melissa.  I had not thought of the dangers of such a deep pool.  We have little babies (twins) next door and although they are only six months old I will have to anticipate them visiting when they are more mobile.  An enclosure might be needed! Thanks again.



dosfishes said...

You could fashion a grate for the pool top that plants can go through, but little ones cannot, see this done in many a gardening book. Sorry about the bee sting, we have yellow jacket hornets here in the fall too, nasty biters. Mend up and do something lush with that felt. xox Corrine

Anonymous said...

Hi Dian, your poor gardening arm! Those bites must be painful. Gardening is such a rewarding activity.
That felt piece is interesting.I'm like you- sometimes things that don't appeal at first, can inspire some great works later when you rediscover them on the shelf along with those other UFO'S.

embracingitall said...

Sorry to hear you have been stung for your gardening efforts. I'm sure the other bees will appreciate the new plants you are planting. Your felt looks as though it is a piece of autumn. Jacinta

Anonymous said...

Bees leave a terrible reaction on me too. I'm not that fond of them I'm afraid. Hope the arm gets better quickly. With the pond, you could set some wire mesh onto some supports so that it would sit just below the waters surface. Something like weld mesh could easily be cut to shape and still be large enough to allow for plants and fish to surface.

Linda said...

Sorry to hear you've been in wars Dian. Nature does bite back HARD sometimes!! Hope all is well now. I like the felted/painted piece and am sure you'll make something useful with it when the right time comes.

Karyn said...

Owww Dianne, that must hurt. And on the same arm as your ant bite too.
About the pond, my mil has some stiff wire mesh across hers, not sure what it is. But we have never had a kiddie fall in and get hurt.