Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding

Tonight I am sitting watching the tv coverage of the royal wedding.  Goodness some of those hats are amazing and some of them are just ghastly.  The mother of the bride looks very elegant.
I hope it is a happy and lasting marriage.


Juliettecherry said...

I've been watching it too - all day. I agree about some of the hats but a few looked elegant and simple in their choice.

I thought Catherine had chosen well and looked amazing. Also loved the outfit for maid of honour Pippa.Full marks from me for Samantha Cameron, who wore a beaded band instead of a hat, (much kinder to those who might have sat behind her!!).

Karyn said...

What a beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding. I too wish them well in their lives together.
Some of those hats should have been left on the sketch pad!

Linda said...

Here, here, Dian. I hope their marriage is full of happiness and good fortune. They are a lovely young couple, with the world at their feet.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and thought the bride looked stunning! So many lovely outfits and then we had Fergies two fashion sense out the window there LOL.