Tuesday, April 5, 2011

renewed life for vintage pieces

I have been colouring a few more pieces of linen for use in future projects or giveaways.
I only dye items that are in some way damaged or stained.

Goodness, I am having trouble with blogger tonight: I will continue as long as I can make this work.

The doiley on the left is one I bought recently, it is knitted (I think) and very fine.

I think I will make it into a cushion cover.
The scissors are pinking shears from the op shop.  They are not allowed to sell scissors at this particular shop but I talked them into it as I really wanted these.

Well I think I will give up now - this is so frustrating.

 I wanted to announce a giveaway for this month so I will persist with this just a little longer.

Every person who comments on my blog during April & emails me with their postal address will receive a small parcel containing a few items - lace, beads, paper, buttons or anything else I feel like putting in each pack.  I have so many pretty and useful things and would like to share some of it with my blogging friends.


dosfishes said...

What a sweet thing you are doing! A snippet or two would be lovely. I will email my postal address and get yours back. xox Corrine

Jensters said...

Such a kind gesture for a giveaway Dian....im not feeling to good today...so this put a smile on my face......some lovely piece above x

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful thing you are doing. You are a very generous person. I'd love to join in too.

Anonymous said...

More great treasures. And blogger is playing up because I am sure I typed a reply to this already LOL

Linda said...

Lovely pieces Dian, the knitted doiley is beautiful. Those pinking shears at least look useful, mine are such heavy, sticky jolly things!! Blogger has a bad attitude at the moment, my sidebar has been wrong for a day, and I had not seen new posts until now!! I was going to post something, but it is giving me grief, so it can wait. I am sure all the parcels you send out will be gratefully received and put to good use.

Anonymous said...


Dianne said...

Dian, how very kind of you to share some of your snippets. I am a bit of a bower bird so I would love to receive some from you. Congrats on a lovely blog. I have given up on blogger now and use windows live writer. No probs yet with it. Regards Dianne.