Monday, April 11, 2011

winter is on its way

 Winter is on its way to us here in Melbourne so it is time to break out the coats and scarves.
 I have plenty of things in my stash of course so today I started on a new scarf.

It will be so lovely and soft on those chilly mornings.

I just love the look and feel of the fleece before the felting starts.  
I couldn't resist making some odd shapes over what was left: a bit like using up the left over pastry when making a pie!  I just rolled these around in my hands with soapy water and then flattening them.  they will be useful for embellishing.


Anonymous said...

Lovely colour Dian. It reminds me of raspberries and cream. So very pretty. Laurel

Radka said...

Beautiful colour, Dianne:) I always find a little curious, having opposite seasons to yours.
Thanks for your visit and a comment, it is always welcome:)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely scarf you have made. I certainly is chilly here too and I am loving it!

karen said...

at the risk of repeating what everyone else has said!!! I love the colours, very warming and rich. (I hope to put things in etsy at the weekend by the way!)

Linda said...

Again I say lovely colours. I'm sure the felting will be beautiful when you have it complete. Those little felted bits look great too. It's getting a little chilly here during the night and early morning, but the days are glorious.