Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden World

 Yesterday I went to one of the biggest garden centres in the area.  
Garden World at Braeside is divided into several individual areas: there are of course the usual garden plants,  an irrigation 
centre where you can buy water tanks, irrigation systems etc, there is a small hydroponics area, collectors corner which has a wonderful display of cactus, orchids and other exotic plants. 
While I was there  I took lots of photos and so
today I will include some pics of my favourite corners.

My favourite section is the water garden area.  This has recently been refurbished, with new displays and a large fish pond outside.  I could spend hours wandering around there, looking at the fish and the plants in the ponds as well as enjoying the sounds of the fountains and waterfalls.

It was quite sunny so the reflections are really spectacular.

 I will show you some of the orchids and cacti in the coming days.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.


Anonymous said...

How delightful to stroll around lovely garden plants on display.Glad you enjoyed yourself Dian.

Anonymous said...

What a nice trip out, you clearly enjoyed it. Lovely photos, it doesn't even look like winter.


artymess said...

Yes i enjoyed the trip and lovely reflections ...x

Suztats said...

Looks like a calming and beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

Linda said...

I love any photos of water, as you well know. When I first saw some of them I thought you took the photos of the sky, looking up.........the water and reflections are so clear. Pleased you found some time to indulge in something you like. Thank you too for taking us with you.