Thursday, July 7, 2011

Using up the stash

Today, with the help of my youngest grandson, Matthew, aged 8 I made a couple of pair of trousers for the little girls next door.  I bought the fabric about 13 years ago and was going to make something for Ally who is now 14 but she disliked the fabric so it has been in the stash all that time.  I am sure these will be good for crawling around in and at last I have put the fabric to good use. 


Juliettecherry said...

Those little trousers look very cosy and practical. It always feels good to use some of your stash. (you knew you would need it one day!!)

Love the new header, you must have used some of your photo mixing magic.

Linda said...

Dian, the pants are so cute. It must feel nice to sew for little ones again. Maybe if we are lucky we will see the girls in their outfits at some stage. Nice to hear you are getting help from Matthew, he is such a helpful child. Hope it is not too cold there today. We had a cold morning here.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours and I am sure they will be well received for the twins.