Saturday, July 16, 2011

old books and fresh flowers

As promised I will be showing some more pics of the plants I saw during the week.  I have to edit them so they don't take up too much space.

The pic here is something I created from one of the orchid photos.  

Isn't this flower just exquisite:
it hasn't fully opened yet.

The altered picture was created using adobe photoshop.  In the standard edit page I went to Filters and then Distort and selected the Polar Co-ordinates option.  This is one of the more simple alterations I have done but it is very effective.

Now to the question of old books.  I have noticed of late a tendency to use old books for various kinds of arts and crafts - altered books, collage etc.  Personally I have a problem with cutting up books; they seem to be too precious.  I wonder how others feel about this issue.  I bought a book from the op shop recently with the intention of using it in a creation I am planning but I find it impossible to cut it up.  It is not an important or particularly special book and cost me just $2.

Well that is my quandary at present.  Any help would be appreciated.



Anonymous said...

I'm with you Dian.Book are precious- even if they only cost $2.00.I think about how books change our lives.The history of the printed word is embodied in each book.
However, I have seen amazing things done with books.I'll see if I can find some images to send to you.

Radka said...

I agree with you too, Dian. At school we were told that the whole book is a piece of art, not just the written word, but the ilustrations, the cover..That has always stayed with me, I would find difficult to cut up a book.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't cut up an old book either. However, if some of the pages were damaged I may reconsider. I have seen people use old sheet music for craft projects as well, and that's something else I couldn't do. Laurel

Anonymous said...

No no.. I would not cut up a book either. However, maybe a colour photo copy of the suitable pages would do? Depends what you have in mind to use it for perhaps. Anne

Linda said...

Hi Dian, an emphatic NO. I just can't do it. I know it's being done, and some of the projects produced are beautiful in their own right, but I just can't do it. All books are precious to me. I love the orchid, it's really beautiful. And, the altered photo is very interesting.