Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beautiful helebores

These beautiful Hellebores are growing in our garden and always delight me with their fragile beauty.
 The flowers are easy to miss as they bow their pretty heads and this means that  they are not a good cut flower either but they are real treasures in the garden.

They usually drop a lot of seeds and so each year there are more to enjoy.

The colours are very  delicate and the petals are like paper so they give the impression that they are painted.

Thanks for the comments on my eaucalptus flowers.  

I was surprised to learn that some of you were unaware of these amazing flowers.  I will look in some of my books for projects that feature them.  The flowers vary from white, through yellows, oranges, pinks and reds.  Some are tiny and almost invisible while others are bright and showy.  

The trees offer nectar & shelter for birds and often provide homes for small animals, such as possums as well.

In addition they brighten  up our landscape. 


Karyn said...

Dianne, your garden must be so pretty. I have the first of my bulbs poking it's head out today but not much else is flowering in my garden.
I loved your eucalypt flowers; they look very realistic. I hope they live on the wall or somewhere where everyone can see them.

Anonymous said...

I love hellebores too. There are so many beautiful forms and I am thinking one day of looking into mail ordering some doubles.

Anonymous said...

The hellebores you have are such a beautiful delicate colour. Here we enjoy them towards the end of winter too, and they are so welcome.

None in my garden as yet, but must add them.


Linda said...

I just adore those hellebores Dian. Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days. These blooms you've shared are simply stunning. You must get such a buzz out of all the beauty.

Radka said...

Beautiful hellebores, I love them too. You are right, they are not always easy to see, so I cut away as many leaves as I can get away with, without leaving the flower "naked". We too have several colours in our garden.