Saturday, August 13, 2011

smocking pleater

A few weeks ago I bought a smocking pleater.  I know it doesn't seem to be the sort of thing I would be interested in but I am endlessly curious about all needlework techniques.
 In the past my friend Karyn  has pleated fabric for me to experiment with and I have enjoyed using the pleated fabric in my own way.
I was visiting one of my favourite op shops looking for doileys (as if I don't have enough already).  As my purchases were being added up I glanced at the window display and there it was.  An Amanda Jane pleater.  The price was unbelievable - I could never justify paying new price - and so I am the happy owner of this amazing contraption.

It has sat on the shelf for quite a while as I have been really preoccupied with other things.  

Today I decided to see if I could use it.  In a step that is unusual for me, I read all the instructions and some smocking books before I started.  

My first little piece of pleating has turned out just fine.  Now I  need to figure out how to tie it off and secure the threads.

I am not likely to be making any pretty dresses but I might make something interesting.

Any hints or advice would be most welcome.


Gina E. said...

What a great find! I had lots of smocked clothes when I was little, and I used to love pleated skirts when I was growing up, but I haven't seen any for years. Well, maybe the odd one in an opshop! Now, are you going to show us the doilies you bought? I bought two this morning in Vinnies in Briar Hill - really gorgeous ones for only a few dollars :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess most of us wouldn't have been able to resist such a temptation, what a tremendous find. It will add another dimesion to your unique style.

Unable to offer any advice about smocking, although I love the traditional dresses for little girls. Anne

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

It looks quite like a medieval torture device with all those wires and brass bit. Understand the result, but don't understand the process - glad you do. xox Corrine

Radka said...
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Linda said...

Hello Dian, sorry I've been 'away', only getting to my blogging fix this morning!! I am so pleased you found such a bargain. I'm sure once you pleat a few things, and play, you will be up and running. Of course, as you are using it for a purely creative form, I see no reason why you need worry about pleating perfection.........LOL [hope the pleating police don't see this comment]. You are finding some really amazing bargains of late.

Anney said...

Hi Dian,lovely to read your blog...I have a pleater given as a gift by Lanis' Aunt in California..I haven't used it yet..just practiced pleating..tricky when one doesn't do it a lot..
Hope all well with seeing all your work..x