Friday, August 26, 2011

a stitch in time..........

Today I spent more than an hour cleaning my iron: what a waste of time that was.  The iron needed cleaning because I am often too impatient, lazy, careless, protect the sole plate when I am using fusible mesh or glues and today I paid the price.  It was lovely and sunny outside and I was in  my sewing room cleaning my iron.  Lesson learned!!!  

While working on the iron my thoughts drifted to an item that sits on a shelf in my sewing room.  It is something I am very fond of but I am wondering if it has any meaning. 

My youngest daughter bought this at a market many years ago: she was in her late teens and loved it at the time.

Now she wont have it in her house: her 14 year old daughter loves it but she is not allowed to take it home.

It appears to be made of plaster and the reverse side is hollow (shell like). 

At present it is covered by a pillow case as one of the little girls I babysit seems to be frightened by it.

I find the detail and the rings and chains to be quite beautiful and the 
eye is fascinating.

It is about 40cm from base to top of head. 


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I think it's scary too Dianne. Anne

Jensters said...

Wow never seen anything like that Dian....shame your granddaughter cannot take it home....i sent you an email as were doing the same workshop! x

Anonymous said...

Its very unusual and I can see why you like it as the detail is quite astonishing. Mind you I don't think I would allow it through the door either. Just like hubby's north melbourne mirror LOL. Its allowed in the house but must stay in the wardrobe LOL

Karyn said...

I too can see why she doesn't like it. it is fascinating but weird!!! My 14yo doesn't agree; he thinks it is "pretty cool"!!

Linda said...

I think it's quite 'out there' and can understand the young people being fascinated by it. I agree that the detail is amazing. I'd be interested to see if you use if for the start of some project.

Sheilasembroidery said...

What a beautiful 'Celtic Knot' The worm/dragon is a common design used today in tattoo art. Is it a bit like a mask? Pretty masks are common in the UK. This one seems very gothic certain one that would appeal to the Goths amongst us. I was a hippy baby so love anything Gothic/Celtic/unusual.