Monday, October 10, 2011

books and branches

I have almost finished my wall hanging.  I don't think I have ever done more "unstitching" on a project before.  A matter of an overdose of ideas.  

I have been troubled by the number of empty and misshapen branches but of course this is a normal part of the native trees that surround us. 

Today I picked up some books I bought on line.

These are not your regular hard back books.


They were advertised as "display novels" and as you can see the page are blank.

Now these suit me quite well while I wait for my new reading glasses but they offer such possibilities for creativity.  I bought 15 white covered books and 4 black covered books for $20.  What a bargain!!!!  

If you had these books what would you do with them?


Jensters said...

Your wallhanging is looking wonderful Dianne, i enlarged it.

I would make some beautiful covers for your books for Journals...hey what a bargin.

Im hoping to get some stitching done today lol x

Robin Mac said...

Lovely wall hanging Dian, I enlarged it too. What a bargain you have got with those books - they should make wonderful journals. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers

Radka said...

Your wall hanging looks great, Dian!
To be honest, I would not know what to do with your books. One may be, possibly to keep a record of fabrics and threads used, but I am not that good!
Now, more important, is this going to work this time?

Radka said...


Anonymous said...

What a great find! I'd turn one into a gardening journal and another into an arty one perhaps. There are so many ideas! I love your wall hanging too and think it is a wonderful tribute to the mighty gum.

Linda said...

I think the wallhanging is really true to the form of the eucalypt Dian. They are windblown and airy for the most part. I am sure once it's finished off and 'hanging' it will be a great talking piece. Well done.

Great book buy!! Of course, I'd have to make a cover first......LOL.. What a great way to keep a journal of your art work. Such a big book would take care of journalling for quite some time. Your certainly did get a bargain!!

Elizabethanne said...

Hello Dianne
WOW, what a great find with these books. The list is endless with things you could use them for. Journalling would be on the top of my list. But also altering & scrapbooking would be up there as well. May I ask where you bought them from & do they still have any?

I also love your wall hanging. It is beautiful
Your Friend

Karyn said...

I think your wall hanging looks really good. If you dont like the empty branches, you can of course remedy that LOL!! But I dont think it looks too bare at all.

As for the books; I did not realise you could buy such things. Wow the ideas of what you can use them for are endless. I know you have had plenty of ideas already, but as you have so many books here is another one; a journal for the grandkids perhaps, with family news and things that might interest them in the future???