Friday, October 21, 2011


What is our world coming to?

This is the side view of the back of the house next door. They have had several rooms added to their home to accomodate their growing family. On the back is a lovely decking with room for the children to play and to eat outdoors. We have always been able to see them coming and going and we chat when we have time. The new building regulations require that a "privacy screen" is built to block them from looking at us and us at them!!!!! There is a similar treatment at the front of the property too. Goodness, heaven forbid we would ever "see" each other. We are so accustomed to pop over to the fence line for a quick chat or a wave of the hand as we come and go. Now we will have to knock on each other's front door.

Apart from all of that it looks so ugly. No I am not happy about this.

Our neighbours will be home from the UK tonight and I so look forward to them coming home.
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Jensters said...

I Wouldn't like that at all and after inspection I would take it down!

Karyn said...

Neighbours are so un-neighbourly these days as it is, why are they encouraging it to happen more? Where I live we have wire farm fencing and often chat to the neighbours over the fence. My first neghbour when we moved here would often meet me "at the fence" and many many things were passed from one side to the other; including the traditional cup of sugar. As well as the potatoes and eggs (and even bread for the kids' school lunch one morning!!!), we swapped friendship and support and lots of things that can't be measured. She is still one of my closest friends today.
Well off my soapbox, but it is a shame they are encouraging this, and making it mandatory instead of leaving to people's own decisions about how they want to live.

Anonymous said...

Thats definately a case of beaurocracy gone mad!

Linda said...

Well..............I never!! I can't believe something like this, and to be honest I had never heard of it. What a shame that minding your own business is now mandatory!! Don't people realize that often being 'neighbourly' is not being 'nosy'. Sorry, I'm lost for words. I can fully understand how upset this must be for you, as you are very close to these people. It makes you wonder what 'they' think people have to hide!! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Dian
Like Jen I think I would take it down too!
x Suzy

Radka said...

Yap, I can see your problem! (That is more then you can see...)