Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have been sorting out my Christmas tree decorations and thought you might like to see some that I have made for previous years.

Most of them are made with felt and have sequins added and bells inside.

My daughter made the red and green ball out of a polystyrene shape and sequins.

One of the stars is embellished crazy patychwork.

Tomorrow I should have my tree well on its way.  It is a process.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know about you but I just adore Christmas decorations. These are great. Package is one the way, sent yesterday, should take probably 2 weeks at this time or year would be my guess. Like the photo in the header! Love those long piers. xox Corrine

Jensters said...

wonderful decks...im thinking about making some! lovely header photo.

Linda said...

It's always nice to see your handmade ornaments Dian. You always seem to have the cutest ones around. It's not something I bother with much, but that doesn't mean I don't like to see what people make. Love the new header photo!!

Anonymous said...

Love hand made decorations.Love the felt ones too!