Sunday, December 25, 2011

Water Lily

It is Sunday evening and we are relaxing after a lovely day with family.

We have had a problem with our internet again so I didn't have a chance to wish my followers and friends a happy Christmas.

I do hope everyone enjoys the holiday season and feel refreshed and creative when this busy time of the year is over.

Yesterday my water lily bloomed for the first time.  It is always so exciting to achieve something new and I have wanted to try to grow a water lily for years.  Success!

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Doreen G said...

Merry Christmas Dian--and your water lily is beautiful.

Jensters said...

What a wonderful water lily Dianne, hope your christmas was wonderful xx

Anonymous said...

And it is a beauitful lily too. Merry Christmas

Linda said...

I hope your Christmas was pleasant Dian. Sorry to hear the internet was being a pain. I just love water lily blooms, they always conjure up such exotic images in my mind. I am so pleased your's presented you with it's first bloom for Christmas.