Saturday, December 10, 2011

more little stitcheries

I am gradually working my way through the little stitcheries for my wall hanging.

This project has become a bit of a chore and I am contemplating putting it aside for a while in the hope that my enthusiasm returns.


Anonymous said...

Stitching looking good though, but I know what you mean when it becomes a chore, move on to something else for a while. xox Corrine

Linda said...

These little pieces look really good Dian. I know how you feel though, and working on something when you are not quite at that place is just a waste of time. Your creativity for this project will return in time I'm sure. Hope the weather is not too miserable for you. Cheers.

Jensters said...

Dian how funny because i feel the same....havnt touched them in a while!! was even thinking of making the quilt smaller!!
Your embroidery is looking great tho.

Annie said...

What beautiful little stitcheries. Looking forward to seeing the finished wall hanging.
A x
ps thanks for your vote