Thursday, December 13, 2012

hot crayons

this interesting creation was made by gluing pastels to a small canvas and then melting them with the hair dryer. 
I have to say now that this was not my project.  It was something Ally 
had seen demonstrated and wanted to try.  I think the crayons we used were a bit old and so they didn't melt properly but it think it looks sensational.  The canvas is just 10cm x 10cm.
I wonder if anyone else has tried this.   


margaret said...

what a great technique, I have tried wax crayons way back, seem to remember sandwiching them between two pieces of baking parchment and ironing them so they melt, also did something on fabric but the brain does not recall what that was!!
I have loads of paint sticks wondering maybe after Christmas will try doing something with them.

Corrine at said...

No but I am sure it works, I have seen other things like this with melted crayons. xox