Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Red velvet cup cakes and chocolate ripple cake

 Christmas is over now and it is time to sit and recov er.

One of the highlights of this Christmas has been the sweet dishes.

On Christmas eve we had chocolate ripple  cake cooked by grandson Michael.  Absolutely delicious.

On Christmas day we had red velvet cup cakes made by our daughter Meaghan.   Also delectable. 

 I have spent little time in the kitchen due to an injured knee but I did manage to buy some treats:  rocky road and fruit mince pies to have with coffee.

Now it is time to take a more sensible approach to food.

I hope you have all enjoyed the festivities.


margaret said...

very mouth watering , I feel full to the brim and think today not much food will pass my lips!!Maybe I will have some more of the pineapple cream desert Mum always made it and I follow on in her tradition, needs to be eaten today as it`s shelf life is not too good, good excuse to tuck in again!

Corrine at said...

Sounds like a sweets holiday. We had some indulgences too, now it is time to walk it off! xox

Judy McCarthy said...

Oh yes Dian.Back to reality with good wholesome food.Sorry about the injured knee.I know all about painful knees.

Linda said...

Sorry I've been absent - computer time almost non-existent lately. Hope your knee is a little better, and just love the look of those goodies. Soon time to count down to the end of this year. Happy New Year to you and the family. Thanks for your wonderful friendship and support. Cheers.

shirley said...

Wonderful goodies to indulge in over xmas, but it is good to get back to good food.
Dian you mention Frankston, so you live near there. I had my honeymoon in Frankston, and spent many a weekend there during my time at Crib Point in the Wrans.
Also lived at Sorrento when my hubby was stationed at Portsea One of my daughters was born in the hospital at Dromana so that area has a lot of memories for me.