Saturday, January 12, 2013

Summer skies

 The last few weeks have been so busy: lots of fun of course.  We have had our grandchcildren staying for almost a week.  

The weather has been warm: sometime hot, so we have been to the beach and to visit friends who kindly invite the children to swim in their pool.  

As some of you will have read the weather in most parts of Australia has been so hot and the bushfires have been and still are devastating so much of our land.

There has been little done in the way of creativity but I have to put in a big effort this week as the Waterfront Festival at Frankston will be on next weekend and I need to have some things ready to sell.  I will take some pics before the end of the week.

I wish those who read my blog a fantastic and productive year.


Radka said...

We have been seeing a lot about the heat and bush fires, good to know that you are not anywhere near the area.
Best wishes to you too, Dian, lots of interesting projects in 2013!

Corrine at said...

Nice shots of the beach. I heard how hot you have been and the fires, the worst, where do you go....looking forward to more of your stitching goodness this year. xox

Karyn said...

Happy new year to you! Don't we get the most fabulous sunsets in summer?

margaret said...

some lovely photos here Dianne, the fires have been so devastating and so out of control, those poor people who have lost everything, from what we hear here there was no loss of life on the mainland but some people are missing in Tasmania.

Best of luck with sales at your waterfront festival I will try and picture it as I did visit Frankston in the early 70`s it must have changed greatly since then.