Saturday, January 26, 2013

Altered Image - Begonia

I am not sure where the days are going lately.  

There has been little time for stitching but I thought I would just play with this photo of a begonia from my garden.  I used adobe photo shop - filter - plastic wrap option.  It gives an interesting depth to the pic but I think I like the original better.  It is hard to improve on nature.

This week has been particularly busy with the little twins I mind suffering from a nasty tummy virus.  This has meant that my usual babysitting has not happened but there has been lots of intermittent childcare needed and attendance at appointments and other help required.   
Everything seems to have settled down now but the lack of routine and the concern have rather messed up my week.

I will post in a day or two to let you know how I went at the Frankston Waterfront Festival last week.

In the meantime it is Australia Day today and also my youngest daughter's birthday so there is much to reflect on and celebrate.

The weather is continuing to challenge many of us with floods in parts of Queensland as well as the most unusual occurance of tornadoes up that way too.  Fires are still burning in areas of our state of Victoria as well as other parts of this vast land. 

I notice it is cold and snowing in parts of the UK, Europe and USA with many suffering as a consequence.

My thoughts are with those who are distressed and suffering, although these thoughts seem so inadequate.

Take care, keep safe and create something beautiful when you can.  


margaret said...

your begonia looks great. like you the original one appeals to me more but I do like how you have played with it and what you have created.
Trust the twins will be back to feeling themselves soon

Ally Nunn said...

I look the flower it is so pretty