Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Frankston Waterfront Festival

I have been busy sorting out my items for the Frankston Waterfront Festival.

It has to be said that I have made lots of different things over the last few years.
If I can sell a few I will be quite pleased.

If not then I am still happy with all I have created.

 There are embellished doileys, needlebooks, brooches, journal covers, book marks, and of course boxes, pin cushions and lots more.


The one thing I am having difficulty with is how to price.  Obviously you can never charge enough to cover time but some things should be valued.  Any thoughts?


Gina E. said...

Hi Dian, Happy New Year belatedly. I am just catching up with my blog reading after being offline since NY Eve. That Frankston festival sounds interesting; great way to reduce your stack of craft goodies! Very hard to price things - I would have a look at what other people are charging for similar items, and go along with that, give or take a dollar or so.

Linda said...

Everything looks so beautifully made Dian, and I am sure you have a flair for presentation at point of sale. As we talked about on the phone, that is often the important part!! I am of no help as I struggle with that myself. BTW, those journal covers are to die for!! Lovely, lovely chat, as always.

margaret said...

what a lovely selections of goodies Dianne, sorry can`t help you with price but do not under price your lovely work, best of luck