Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

 What a fabulous day it has been.  The weather has been warm (29degrees) with very little wind which is close to perfectI went out for a while and had coffee with a friend and then I did some serious op shopping.

 The little soft toy in the last pic is for my favourite (only) granddaughter Ally.  I know she will love it.  At almost 16 years old she is not too old for a cute character toy.

This evening I have been making more roses - such fun and such great results each time!  Tomorrow I shall add some bling and attach the backs and they will be ready for Friday  

I have also been doing some needlefelting to line the bottom of one of my boxes.  It has turned out so well.  As I say it has been one of those happy days today.

When I am needlefelting or using my embellishing machine I have this bag of felt scraps and other fibres and bits and pieces of thread and ribbons close by and just pull out what I need as the piece progresses,



 Of course the evening sky has been lovely again.  A few whispy clouds catch the colours - they remind me of felting - perhaps tomorrow.

And of course here is Ally's toy sitting in the corner of the couch making sure I don't fall asleep.


margaret said...

Dianne if we had a temperature of 29 degrees it would be hot very very hot!! lucky you.
Your roses are beautiful, you will need plenty if you are not going to disappoint customers.
Mention of embellishing makes me want to get my machine out but must stick to what I should be doing, embellishing a crazy block and learning to make patchwork sampler blocks.
Wonder if Ally`s new friend will appear on her blog, will wait and see.

Linda said...

Tuesday was terrific up here too, a pleasant change. Love your sky!! And, of course, that tweety bird is so cute, even I'd like it sitting here.