Tuesday, December 18, 2012

magazines, books and daydreaming

 Today I called in at the newsagent to buy the morning paper for my father in law to read.
I had to walk past the magazines.  There are so many wonderful titles to choose from.  I walked out with three gorgeous mags to see me through the holidays and to provide me with some much needed inspiration.  Embellish was the first I picked up, then Cloth Paper Scissors caught my eye, as I tried to make my way to the newspapers I saw a magazine called Making.
One Australian, one UK, one USA - so many ideas - so many fantastic products that I didn't know I needed. 


Already on the table were two current favourite books.

Embroidered Garden Flowers
by Diana Lampe with Jane Fisk
Knit One, Make One
by Furze Hewitt 

I really have no excuses now - just a lack of time.


Gina E. said...

"so many fantastic products that I didn't know I needed" - LOL!!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Oh embellish looks so interesting, love the crack that open, making too! I get CPS and love it, so many innovative ideas afloat. Make the time, c'mon you can do it! xox

margaret said...

I occassionally get the embellish and yes that Dianne Lampe book is one of my favourites too

Linda said...

Great books/magazines Dian, interesting reading. I love Embellish!! Running very short on time, so wishing you a very happy Christmas, and hope you and the family stay safe and cool. Cheers.